Hello Business Owner Or Executive,

See if the following matches your situation…

You and certain people within your organization are doing what you do well enough that your organization is enjoying a respectable level of success.

Similarly, you and certain people within your organization have a substantial amount of domain knowledge. That is, within the area of your expertise…within the area of your product or service…you and certain of your people know your domain pretty well.

And, assuming these things are true, you are to be commended and applauded for the success that you and your people have achieved and the knowledge that you all possess.

But at the same time, you recognize that possessing an excellent level of domain knowledge is not at all the same thing as possessing excellent leadership, management, and communication skills.

In fact, you recognize that several important and valuable benefits would come from enhancing your management team’s leadership, management, and communication abilities.

Moreover, when you look at your organization, you see issues such as:

  • Employees performing at a sub-standard level…to the point it is negatively and adversely affecting your company.  And, you know that these employees could perform at a higher, more effective, and more productive level if your management team was better at engaging, inspiring, and motivating them.
  • Breakdowns and disconnects between management and line-level employees that result in low morale, employee disenchantment, and unnecessary inefficiencies, mistakes, costs, wastes, and losses.
  • Missed opportunities, lost revenues, fumbled projects, and deadline overruns because both managers and employees are dropping the ball.
  • Employees working in a disconnected, disjointed manner because they are not receiving the leadership, direction, and guidance they need in order to work as a cohesive, aligned, and synergistic unit.
  • Time and money being spent on recruiting, hiring, and training employees and then they turn around and leave your organization. And, as you look at this turnover, you recognize how expensive it is, what a waste of company resources it is, what a hindrance it is to productivity, and how big of a hit it is on your ability to deliver quality, service, and value to your customers.
  • A dysfunctional culture where employees care more about their personal agendas and selfish motives than they care about cooperating with and contributing to corporate goals and objectives…and the result is an unhealthy corporate environment with substantial inefficiency and ineffectiveness.
  • Employees not following proper processes and procedures…or using outdated, outmoded processes and procedures…which creates poor productivity and decreased production.
  • Etc.

In short, you recognize that with better leadership skills, better management skills, and better communication skills, your management team could get better results, attain greater success, provide better service, deliver better quality, and produce higher profits with your line-level employees.

Now, it may be that you yourself are quite strong in your leadership and management abilities as well as in your people skills and communication skills. But, that does not mean that your management team is as strong as you are in their leadership, management, and communication abilities.  Moreover, your management team can easily become so familiar with and accustomed to you that they become desensitized to your leadership, direction, influence, and instruction.

Given these points, there are two reasons why it is smart for you to bring me into your organization to provide some training. One, your management team will listen to me which means I can help them enhance and improve their leadership, management, and communication abilities. Two, I can get your management team back to fully receiving your leadership, direction, and influence.

With that, here is a general outline of the training and teaching program I wholeheartedly recommend for your management team:

  • What leadership is NOT. The first step to understanding leadership is to understand what is not leadership. What I cover here will be profound, powerful, and eye-opening for everyone on your management team.  Point blank, if your management team fits anywhere within the bell-curve of normal, then this portion of the program will reveal costly mistakes that your management team is making that are negatively affecting your line-level employees and adversely impacting your organization.
  • What leadership IS. If you were to privately ask each person on your management team to articulate what leadership is, you would quickly find out that they really cannot answer that question very well. Of course, they will give you some kind of answer…perhaps parroting something they once read in a book or heard at a seminar…but it would be obvious that they do not really “know” what leadership is. And the problem is, if a person cannot plainly, immediately, and convincingly articulate what leadership is, then they are not being very effective as a leader. But, once a clear understanding clicks in your management team’s mind about what leadership is, then they will forevermore think and act like the leaders that you need them to be within your organization. Emphatically, what I cover here is designed to make sure that your management team gets this “click”.
  • The mindset of leadership. The reason so many would-be leaders struggle and are unsure of how to lead in the situations they find themselves in is because they do not have a leadership mindset. But, once the people on your management team have a leadership mindset, then what to do becomes easy and straightforward … no matter what kind of situation they find their self in. What I cover here is designed to give your management team a leadership mindset that is the real deal.
  • How to create a compelling vision. By the time I finish covering this material, your management team will be larger-than-life “visionaries” … the kind of managers who possess the magical ability to craft a powerful vision out of seemingly nothing … and who have already come up with exactly what to do while everyone else is still trying to figure out the situation.
  • Leadership-style communication. Forget about all the shallow, inane communication tips or teaching you have encountered elsewhere … the kind of junk that is so simple, basic, and obvious that it is just absurd and a waste of your time … not to mention totally boring. What your management team will get from me here is the kind of teaching that is actually interesting and useful … like how to communicate with people in a way that changes them, moves them, engages them, and activates them. The fact is, everything you want to have happen in your organization can only come about as a result of powerful, impacting communication. To this end, after your management team has heard the eye-opening, awareness-expanding concepts I cover in this section, they will know exactly how to communicate in this way that works and gets good results.
  • How to handle people. As the old joke goes, “Leadership would be easy if it wasn’t for people.” Well, the fact is, people are a permanent part of the leadership equation. So, the sooner your management team masters the ability to deal with, relate to, interact with, and handle people … such that these people align with your organizational goals and management objectives in a positive, participative, contributive, and productive way … the sooner your organization can get to all the good outcomes and results that you are wanting.
  • How to influence and persuade people. This is where I go deep into precisely and exactly how to get people to do what you want them to do. In this portion of the program, I will cover the 29 gambits by which you and your management team can shift and change how line-level employees think and what they do. The fact is, no one can be a true leader until he or she has mastered the ability to influence and persuade people. This section gives your management team everything they will ever need on this subject.

Of course, we can customize what I cover to fit your exact and specific needs and interests. But otherwise, the above program is a full-featured, comprehensive, and highly effective program that will take your management team’s leadership, management, and communication ability to a higher level.

Now, consider this illustration: everyone has the “ability” to draw a picture. But, not everyone has the “capability” of drawing a picture that is so good you would like to have it hanging as a showpiece in your home.

The point is, a “capability” is a more capable, more advanced, more powerful, more extreme version of an “ability”. A person with the “ability” can eventually do a given thing. In contrast, a person with the “capability” can do the thing much faster and easier as well as in a better, richer, more satisfying, higher-quality manner.

As the point applies to your organization, everyone on your management team has the “ability” to lead, manage, and communicate at some level. But, they may not yet have the “capability” of leading, managing, and communicating at a level that produces the outcomes, results, and success that you are wanting.

Bottom line, what I am specifically offering you is a training program that is designed to instill leadership, management, and communication “capability” into your management team. And, you undoubtedly understand the benefits, advantages, profits, and successes you can gain by raising your management team’s leadership, management, and communication “capabilities”.

So, if what I have been describing resonates with you, then call me at (918) 851-0230 and let’s have a no-cost, no-obligations, no-pressure conversation.

Most likely, you already perceive that I am someone who really understands leadership and management and that I can help your management team become better leaders, managers, and communicators who get better results with your line-level employees.

But if not, then definitely give me a call and in just a few minutes of us talking, you will know that I can help your management team rise to a higher level so that you can get to the better results that you are wanting in your organization.

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